Honda Pilot Climate Control Problem

There is no doubt the Honda pilot climate control is one of the best HVAC systems as compared to the other brands, but what should one do when he is experiencing unexpected issues with the system? The controller is responsible for maintaining the interior environment, managing hot air, eliminating humidity, and providing a new atmosphere so you can drive effortlessly in the car.

The pilot climate control molds the temperature according to the outside environment and makes it breathable for the driver. If it fails, one cannot drive conveniently and face a list of problems that may end up causing catastrophe. Therefore, if the pilot’s climate control is causing a problem, come with me to learn how to solve it and save your bucks.

Honda Pilot Climate Control Problem

Honda Pilot Climate Control Problem

There can be different kinds of problems; for example, your car’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is not working, or the cabin has dirty filters. I have solved hundreds of pilot climate control problems, and according to my experience, the majority of the vehicles have HVAC system problems. But one can quickly solve it by resetting the system; see the reset procedure:

How To Reset HVAC System?

Before you start working with the mechanic tools, read the manual that came with your car and see the “Warning” part. Also, study the reset instructions and HVAC system common problems. Once you have completed the research about the interior of your vehicle, go inside it.

Step 1

One cannot reset the HVAC system without turning off the vehicle, including the electrical system of the SUV. Now, turn on position two without turning on the engine with the help of your key. You will see a light blinking on the dashboard, plus the “Off” button near it.

Step 2

Press the button until the light blinks five times, and the HVAC system will start resetting. Remember that the previously saved temperatures will be deleted after reset, so one should turn on the sensors to provide information about the outside temperature. Anyhow, the release button after the five blinks, and the system has been reset.

Other Problems

If the reset does not solve your issue, then you need to check the cabin filter, leaks, and compressor failures. Sometimes, the motor stops working, or SUVs often suffer from wiring problems. See the problems and how you can solve them.

Dirty Cabin Filter

The air cabin is responsible for maintaining the quality of the air and providing a breathable environment to the driver so he can wander conveniently. However, dirt and clogged cabin filters will create resistance to airflow. You should use special cabin filter detergents to wash it or washing powder to remove dirt; do not install wet filters, and be careful while using the detergents.

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Dirty or Clogged Condenser

Dirty or Clogged Condenser

It is possible the cooling refrigerant sheds are covered with dirt and dust, which is why the HVAC system is not working. For this, you should carefully clean the condenser’s filter and not install the wet shreds. Wash the filter sheds after removing them from the vehicle.


Another possibility is that the leaks are causing problems, so the HVAC cannot maintain the climate inside the SUV. For this, you should follow the tracks for A/C and pipelines. In case you spot a damaged track or pipeline, take your vehicle to a professional.

Compressor Problems

The compressor is also responsible for creating a suitable environment; it deals with the gas supply and provides support to the A/C. If the compressor is not working, you cannot turn on the HVAC system; therefore, check the compressor. Use an electrical tester to see whether the compressor is working or not; removing or fixing it is difficult, so seek professional help.

Blower Motor

Blower Motor

The motor plays a significant role in turning on the HVAC; if the motor does not work properly, the system will be unable to provide the desired results. Check the motor with the help of an electrical meter; in case the motor turns on and does not provide sufficient performance, see the components that provide it power because they might be damaged. Seek professional help in case you are unable to sort out the issue.


You can contact the Honda company if the car is new and its HVAC is not working. Basically, the HVAC is part of the insurance, so you may get a free HVAC replacement. For this, you should provide the original documents of the vehicle, your identity documents, and insurance evidence.

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Final Words

I have been troubleshooting a vehicle’s HVAC for years, and I noticed that people do not clean filters nor spend money on the maintenance of motors or A/C. Once you sort out the pilot climate control issue, do not forget to work on the motor and the filters.

Anyhow, I have explained multiple causes and their solutions so you can eliminate the HVAC issues effortlessly and drive confidently; I hope this information will help you in the future.

Thank you.

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