Honda CRV Air Conditioner Failure

The CRV climate control problem was introduced in the CRV system. However, a large number of drivers have reported issues like it not heating at the regular temperature levels, producing too much heat, or producing a bad odor. Even worse, if left unchecked, this issue can extend to other components of the engine on the dashboard.

If you are currently experiencing this issue and have no clue what is wrong with it, no worries. Here is a list of potential causes, symptoms, and fixes of the Honda CRV air conditioning failure.

Potential Reasons

Potential Reasons

Here are some common reasons that mostly end up resulting in the Honda CRV AC failure. Let us discuss them further,

  • A leak in the AC recharger seal may cause it to lose cold air, resulting in low refrigerants. This can happen when you have not done AC maintenance for a longer period.
  • The bend actuator controller is responsible for managing the temperature inside the vehicle. This component of your AC malfunctioning will result in overwhelming heat in the car, much of which is indicated by a high-pitch clicking sound in the actuator.
  • The lack of spin in the AC blower motor is also a prevalent cause of the AC problem in Honda CRVs. The most obvious sign of the decrease in the motor spin is the high-pitch unusual sound.
  • The clogged CRV motor is equally responsible for compromising your AC efficiency. This happens when the motor is not cleaned regularly, and it gets dust buildup.
  • If your specific Honda CRV is using an orifice tube, there is a fair chance that it will have a clogged pump or compressor. This is mostly because it accumulates metal shavings over time, which can eventually block the AC airflow.
  • Another common reason for AC problems is the oil buildup in the condenser and evaporator. This can eventually impact your system’s ability to absorb heat from the surroundings.
  • CRV pollen filters are used to filter out microorganisms and pollen from the air. Having these filters clogged by dust and dirt can immediately block the airflow, causing low fuel economy.

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Quick Fixes

Now that we have discussed the potential causes of the CRV AC problem, it is time to understand some ways you can resolve it. So, let’s get in.

  • AC Recharge: If the problem is with the blowing of the air and you have managed to find a leak in the refrigerator seal, a simple recharge replacement will do.
  • AC Compressor Replacement: If you notice some sort of loud banging noises coming from the compressor, you might turn to a professional for a basic repair. If the condition is worse, get it replaced by a professional.
  • AC Condenser Replacement: If you are experiencing an issue with the speed of the engine and feel that the temperature feels higher than usual, it is most probably a condenser fault. In this case, you need to replace the condenser.
  • AC Evaporator Replacement: Evaporator replacement is a perfect solution for clogged air filters or leakage in the evaporator. A good way to track this issue is by looking at the AC switch. Just see if the AC switch constantly blinks.
  • Blower Motor Replacement: Understanding if something is wrong with the blower motor is extremely challenging, given it still produces heat and the only difference is in the pressure. But if you constantly hear a rattling noise coming from the AC, just get it checked by a mechanic. He will replace the motor without damaging any other component of the car.

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