Honda Civic Cruise Control Not Working

Driving has become far easier than in the past; you can use the auto cruise function to maintain constant speed. The feature is helpful for long drives; one does not need to focus on the accelerator, but the Civic will control speed efficiently. Sometimes, the cruise control does not work, and the problem could be in the control module, sensor, or throttle.

There are very few chances that you have a control module or sensor problem; however, throttle malfunctioning can resist the cruise control performance. Come with me to understand the technique of diagnosis and troubleshoot the problem. A vehicle technician will cost you $150 to $250, but you can solve this issue at home with initial tools by learning the technique.

Honda Civic Cruise Control Not Working

Civic Cruise Control Not Working

The cruise control allows you to control and maintain the speed of the vehicle. The feature is used on the highways so the vehicle runs faster and the one can drive effortlessly. To turn on the Honda Civic Cruise Control, one needs to push a button, but sometimes it does not work; if it happens, gather these materials.

  • Replacement fuse
  • Fuse puller/needle nose pliers
  • Vehicle manual

Simple Steps To Troubleshoot Honda Civic Cruise Control Malfunctioning

The procedure is a bit long but simple; therefore, I have divided it into steps. Before we dig into details, one should read the manual, especially the control cruise part, so he can understand the parts used in the cruise control area. Once you have done the job, come with me.

Step 1

Once you have gathered the tools and equipment, locate the cruise control button; it is more likely located on the steering wheel. The button is imprinted with “Cruise” or marked with the cruise control icon. Once you have located it, drive the vehicle at a normal speed by pressing the gas pedal.

Now, release the gas pedal and drive for 2 to 3 minutes, then turn on the cruise control. It should activate the cruise mode; now, see the dashboard; the cruise control icon should illuminate with a green light. If it is illuminating, the cruise control is working, but if there is no light, turn your vehicle back home because we are going to open it.

Step 2

I have repaired thousands of Honda Civic, and the major reason why cruise control problems occur in my experience is because of a fuse problem. Once you change the fuse, you can activate the cruise control, which is simple to do. Now open the under-dash fuse box, which is located below the instrumental panel of the vehicle.

The fuse number varies according to the model, so I suggest you get assistance from the vehicle manual. Here, you can see the fuse map; it will tell you which fuse box is associated with the cruise control. Once you have spotted it, open the fuse box, and there is your culprit.

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Step 3

fuse location

Instead of pulling the fuse with your hands, use a fuse puller because you may damage other intricate parts in the box. You can check the fuse with the help of an electrical meter whether the fuse is working or not. If one does not have an electrical meter, check the center strip in the fuse.

In case there is no strip within the fuse, it has blown, and you need to change it. The fuse may cost 4 to 8 bucks and is available in the local shops. If you are changing the nonworking fuse with the new one, check its amperage rating with the help of an electric meter.

Step 4

Change the fuse carefully, attach it to the suitable location, and check if there is no damage to the clutch or wiring. Sometimes, the fuse is fine, but the wiring may cause the destruction of the cruise control; one cannot fix wiring problems without professional assistance. Let’s say the wiring is fine and the clutch is working, but the cruise control indicator does not show a green light, so you should check the faulty clutch switch.

The chances are less that the wiring or clutch is damaged because it is secured within a box. Fuse damage is common; therefore, you should check it first. Use the electrical meter to see if other components are working, and reinstall all the parts, including the dashboard; now, check if the car’s cruise control is working.

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Final Words

Repairing a single part of the vehicle costs more than 50 bucks from local and 100 dollars from Honda repair stations; therefore, I do not recommend people go for professional assistance if the problem requires less concentration. Fixing cruise control is simple; you can change the fuse within 10 minutes and check other parts, including clutch and wiring, whereas Honda stations take time to see the vehicle.

Save your time and money by working wisely, learn to repair your vehicle on your own, and you do not need to be dependent upon repair stations. I hope this information will help you in the future;

Thanks For Reading!

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