Honda Vezel Hybrid Problems

Honda is a renowned brand that is widely known for quality craftsmanship and relentless commitment to producing vehicles that exceed one’s expectations. One such vehicle is the Vezel Hybrid, which offers impressive fuel efficiency, advanced safety features, and a stylish design. However, while the Honda Vezel Hybrid undoubtedly offers numerous benefits, it’s crucial to be aware of potential problems and issues that many owners have encountered.

In this article, I will delve into the details regarding common issues associated with the Honda Vezel Hybrid, which will help you make an informed decision and address any potential concerns. Therefore, keep reading to inform yourself of the potential problems you may face when using the Honda Vezel Hybrid.

Honda Vezel Hybrid Problems

Honda Vezel Hybrid Problems



The Honda Vezel Hybrid, part of Honda’s hybrid series, is a subcompact crossover SUV with a hybrid powertrain. The best thing about a hybrid powertrain is that this system allows the vehicles to function using a combination of electric power and gasoline, providing a powerful driving experience while at the same time conserving energy and minimizing environmental impact. The latest model (2021) is pretty impressive, powered by Honda’s two-motor hybrid technology, offering an excellent combination of power and efficiency.

The engine is a 1.5 liter inline-4DOHC i-VTEC, generating 129 horsepower and 155 Newton-meters of torque; this engine proves more than capable for a vehicle of its size. Moreover, the driving experience is characterized by smooth acceleration and quick overtaking abilities, ensuring you always have enough power when you need it. In addition, the interior of the latest Vezel hybrid is spacious and offers more comfort than the typical subcompact SUV.

The latest model has plenty of benefits that you can not overlook. However, just like any other vehicle, the Honda Vezel Hybrid has its own fair share of problems. These problems include fire-related concerns, gearbox issues, and software glitches.

While the Honda Vezel Hybrid is certainly remarkable, there are certain issues related to it that you must be aware of. Let me list down all the problems:

Battery Pack

The battery in hybrid cars plays a significant role in their overall operation, performance, and efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the battery’s health regularly. Honda Vezel Hybrid uses a high-voltage battery pack to store energy for the electric motor.

However, keep in mind that these batteries, with the passage of time, can lose their power and degrade, which can result in reduced electric performance and overall fuel efficiency. If you need to replace the battery packs, it can be really expensive. Hence, I will advise you to consistently monitor the battery’s condition and strongly follow the maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer.

Electric Motor

The electric motor is another cause of concern when it comes to Honda Vezel Hybrid vehicles. Many owners have mentioned premature motor failure, which can result in potential power loss and performance-related issues. Sometimes, solving this issue requires either replacing the electric motors or implementing a software update for the engine control module as a remedial action.

Overheating Problem

Another common issue with the Honda Vezel Hybrid is overheating. Overheating may occur when the driver drives for a very long time in sports mode, especially in heavy traffic. In such a scenario, the engine keeps running and can heat the clutch system.

Honda Vezel Hybrid vehicles especially use clutch oil ( also known as brake oil) to cool their transmission. Dot 4 fluid is hygroscopic, meaning it can gradually absorb moisture. As moisture gathers, the fluid’s ability to absorb heat gradually decreases, which results in potential transmission overheating.

I will advise you that if you encounter an overheating issue in your vehicle, it is better to stop for approximately an hour to allow the car to cool down. However, the best solution would be to replace the oil as soon as possible.

The oil reservoir is located below the airbox. In order to get to it, you must detach the air box, after which you will see two bottles with caps. Remove the old ones and install new ones.

Typically, your car will need about 300 milliliters of Dot 4 fluid. I will advise you not to perform this task in dusty environments. While the Honda company advises changing this fluid at the 40,000 km limit, users in places with cold weather can replace the fluid sooner.

Alternatively, in areas with hot weather conditions, the users can change the oil at the 20,000 km limit or in between. You keep these conditions in mind when replacing fuels.

Acceleration Issue

Acceleration issue in the Honda Vezel Hybrid often occurs when driving through heavy traffic. Shifting from first gear to second gear takes a long time, which causes the car to exhibit a slow response and potentially leads to a jerky response when you press the accelerator. There are plenty of reasons behind this issue; let me explain it to you in simpler words.

The first reason is that if the throttle sensor is not working properly, it can result in a situation where the car does not respond properly when you press the accelerator pedal. Another reason behind the acceleration problem lies in the issue with the fuel system. If there is an issue with the fuel pump or fuel injector, it can affect the process of delivering fuel to the engine.

When not enough fuel is being distributed due to the problem in fuel injectors, it can result in poor or inconsistent acceleration, causing the car to perform poorly when the driver attempts to accelerate. Lastly, if a spark plug in a car is in poor condition, it can obstruct the process of igniting the gasoline and air mixture inside the engine. This can result in problems such as insufficient or delayed combustion.

Consequently, insufficient combustion can decrease engine power and overall performance, potentially causing issues like poor acceleration and reduced fuel efficiency. I will advise you to contact a mechanic to fix this issue because resolving this issue by yourself is not feasible. In addition, it is better to take care of this problem as soon as possible because failure to do so will affect your vehicle’s performance.

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Engine Start/Stop System Malfunction

Engine Start/Stop System Malfunction

Honda Vezel Hybrid uses a feature known as the “engine start-stop mechanism.” This mechanism is designed to automatically turn off the vehicle when a car comes to a stop. However, a problem surfaced because the capacitor inside the buck-boost converter unit, which plays a significant role in controlling the engine start-stop feature, was identified to be incapable of performing its function effectively.

This issue is concerning because it has the potential to lead to problems such as overheating. Those owners who are experiencing this issue must replace the buck-boost converter unit. Regrettably, the issue impacted many vehicles, and some Vezel owners have to put in a lot of effort to find the necessary replacement part to solve the problem.

Some owners of Honda Vezel Hybrids had problems with the vehicle’s suspension. According to them, it feels stiff, which leads to less comfortable rides, especially on rough and uneven roads. Moreover, this stiffness leads to a significant increase in cabin noise, which can be frustrating.

Some owners of Vezel Hybrid also faced electrical issues, such as problems with warning lights on the dashboard or issues with sensors and vehicle hybrid systems. Furthermore, because of these issues, Honda manufacturers have issued up to five separate recalls for Honda Vezel Hybrid vehicles. These recalls were issued to deal with different concerns, such as the possibility of incorrect software in the engine control unit (ECU), which could lead to unstable engine stalls and engine rotations.


While it’s true that the Honda Vezel has some problems, there are also solutions available. Let me walk you through these solutions.

Performing Visual Inspection of the Car

Conducting a visual inspection of the car is necessary for identifying any potential issue with the car. You must thoroughly inspect the exterior of the car for any visible damages, such as dents, scratches, rust, and more. You must also check the engine bay for any sign of oil leaks, etc.

Furthermore, also examine the fluid levels and interior of the car. Lastly, do not forget to take your car for a test drive to assess and evaluate its performance.


If you notice any problem with your Honda Vezel Hybrid, it is best to explore the necessary replacements and solutions to ensure the smooth operation of your vehicle. However, remember that specific replacements and solutions will vary depending on the severity and nature of the issue. Therefore, you must seek the opinion of a qualified mechanic when dealing with any issue related to your vehicle.

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Concluding Statement

To sum up, the Honda Vezel Hybrid offers remarkable benefits, including excellent fuel efficiency, remarkable performance, advanced safety features, and a sleek design. However, the Honda Vezel Hybrid, just like any other vehicle, has some problems of its own. In addition, remember that not all Honda Vezel Hybrid will experience these issues, and many owners are satisfied and have trouble-free experiences with their vehicles.

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