Honda Civic Door Lock Not Working With Key

Is your Honda Civic’s door lock showing unexpected issues when you lock it? Honda’s security system is known as one of the best as compared to other car brands, but sometimes it stops working, especially in the old models. The models from 1992 to 2000 have more door lock problems with keys, and the reasons vary according to the door structure.

However, Honda charges 40 to 80 bucks to repair the door lock security system, but you can save money with the help of tools and equipment. There are certain causes behind these issues, but by following my instructions, one can diagnose and solve the Honda Civic door lock not working with key trouble. All you need is 5 to 10 minutes to diagnose the problem; come with me to learn troubleshooting techniques.

Honda Civic Door Lock Not Working With Key

Civic Door Lock Not Working With Key

Key locks are available in the old models of the Honda Civic, which are reliable and secure the car efficiently. But the problem with these locks is that the door locks do not open by the key because of a dead fob battery or damaged latch of the door. Well, the solutions are simple, but first, one should diagnose the problem accurately and then apply techniques to solve the problem.

  • Key fob battery
  • Fuse puller
  • Flashlight
  • Lubricant
  • Replacement key
  • Electrical meter
  • Mechanic tools
  • Lighter

There could be different problems; you need the equipment according to the issue. Electrical meters and mechanical tools are very significant; one may need them for all kinds of troubleshooting. Now, see the causes and troubleshoots in detail and use related tools.

Causes & Solution

Cause 1: Dead Key Fob Battery

The chances are high that the key fob is dead or not working because of battery issues. The majority of the Honda Civic models come with replaceable battery fob keys. To understand whether the battery is working or not, you can check it via the electrical meter for the amper range and try various buttons of the key fob; if nothing is functioning, then you need to change the battery.


Read the manual key fob part carefully and see if the key fob has a replaceable battery. The batteries are available in the local markets; see your key fob number and purchase a new one. Open the back of your key fob, remove the previous battery, install a new one, and turn the fob on by pressing the buttons, and it will work.

Cause 2: Door Actuator

Inside the door panel, there is a mechanism for the door lock in the Honda Civic door actuator. It is responsible for dealing with the lock and unlocking the doors; if it is malfunctioning, the doors may not unlock or relock. To diagnose the door actuator problem, you should open the door panel and use an electrical meter to see if it is working; if the answer is no, follow the solution instructions.


Removing door actuation is a difficult task; therefore, you should seek professional help. If you are confident enough, then remove the panel carefully and spot the door actuator.

It is located in a position with wires, so detach the wiring and take it out carefully. Install the new actuator and connect it with the wiring, place the panel, and see if the door lock is working or not.

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Cause 3: Damaged Door Latch

Damaged Door Latch

Another frequently occurring problem is the damaged door latch; it is a part of the door that helps to hold the weight when you lock the door. If the door latch is damaged, it is hard to secure the door; therefore, see the side of the door where the latch is working. If case the answer is no, then we need to remove it.


Use a screwdriver according to the nuts and bolts of the latch, loosen the latch carefully, and remove it. Attach a new latch to the door and tighten the bolts until you see that the latch is perfectly attached to the door. Lock the door without force and test it; another attempt with force and your car’s door lock is working now.

Cause 4: Main Locking System Problem

Main Locking System Problem

You have tried everything: changed the key fob, changed the door actuator, and replaced the damaged door latch, but nothing is working out; see the main locking system of the car. Honda Civic’s main locking system is difficult to understand; therefore, you should read the manual’s locking system part.


The main locking system is complicated to change because it is also connected to other parts of the vehicle. So, a professional can help you find the door secure system of the main locking panel of the car. Therefore, you should seek professional help for the door lock problem in case the main system is damaged.

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Final Words

Never compromise the security and solve the lock issues as soon as possible. Diagnosing the Honda Civic’s security problems is not difficult; one can troubleshoot 80 percent of the problems on his own, but if you find difficulty, do not proceed further without professional assistance. Anyhow, I have explained all the causes and solutions in detail and have now started work on the lock system.

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