Honda City Hybrid Problems

Honda City Hybrid has plenty of advanced technology features that make it better than others, but is it free of all of the problems? The answer is NO, so if you are thinking of buying one, then you must go through this article to become familiar with the common issues that come with this sustainable, efficient, and environment-friendly car. We won’t keep you waiting for long, so without any further delay, let’s get into this.

Honda City Hybrid Problems

I was planning to buy a hybrid car, and I got a Honda City Hybrid for myself as soon as it was launched. But sadly, my excitement dropped to zero quickly after only a few rides. Undoubtedly, this car has super cool features like safety tech, low fuel consumption, spaciousness, etc., but today, we will only be focusing on Honda City Hybrid problems.

Common Problems With Honda City Hybrid

I love cars and have ridden multiple of them in the past few years, but from the features, I knew the Honda City Hybrid would be my favorite. You will be disappointed after hearing this, but honestly, it is not as great as advertised. I am enlisting all the Honda City Hybrid problems I have experienced, so read them all to make an informed decision and invest your money wisely.


Honda City Hybrid has many premium features that make it stand out from ordinary Honda City, and I bought this car for the same reason. I thought I would get the best ride of my life with this car, but it disappointed me.

With such advanced features, I was expecting an incredible performance, but it feels completely disconnected. I am sorry to break it to you; the Honda City Hybrid has an awful performance.

Boot Space

Its boot space is super low. I know it might not be a problem for many, but it is for a person like me who goes on holiday often. The boot space is so compromised that most of the boot space is taken by batteries and spare tires, so there is nearly zero space left for your stuff.

Poor Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Poor Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

I love SUVs that offer ADAS as they greatly help drivers, but that is not the case with the Honda City Hybrid. The ADAS of the Honda City Hybrid is crap; the driver needs to adapt to the technology and move along to use it comfortably.

High Maintenance and Repair Cost

The main parts of the car, like batteries, electric motor, and power control, are imported, which means anything goes wrong with these parts, and you are doomed. It is one of those cars that require high maintenance, but the repair cost is not low.

Ride Comfort and Noise

As I have mentioned earlier, I was not happy with the ride performance, and it was not as comfortable as I expected, but what was more disappointing was its compromising NVH level. It could have been made better to avoid noise and vibration.

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Limited Transformation to Electric Mode

It has only been a few weeks, but the Honda City Hybrid problems have gotten on my nerves. No doubt it’s an eco-friendly car and consumes less fuel, but the problem is it offers a limited range in electric mode as compared to other hybrid cars. Also, I avoid taking the Honda City Hybrid on longer rides because of this reason.


Usually, Honda cars are budget-friendly, but that is not the case with Honda City Hybrid. We also compared the features and price of the Hinda City Hybrid with other competitors that come in the same price range.

It came out as two times more expensive than others. It offers fewer features at a high price, a major setback for many potential buyers.

Missing Feature

Many features could have been added to this hybrid in the same price range to attract more buyers and make it price-worthy. These include better ventilation, sunblinds for the rear side, wireless charging features, etc.

Should I Buy It?

should I Buy it


After reading the above list, you must be questioning yourself whether you should buy it or not, aren’t you? I believe the cons vary from person to person, and the features I find problematic won’t be a problem for others.

So, buying a Honda City Hybrid, knowing the common problems users experience, is a personal choice. Here are a few reasons that will help you decide whether the Honda City Hybrid is for you or not.

  • For those looking for an eco-friendly and cost-effective car, the Honda City Hybrid would be perfect for you because it has advanced features that consume less fuel and, with controlled emission, causes far less environmental pollution than other automobiles.
  • Excellent for short commutes and city traveling because of its regenerative braking and electric mode that offer a smooth ride even if you stop the car frequently.
  • If you do not have a limited budget and are looking for a hybrid car with premium and advanced technology features, then the Honda City Hybrid is what you are looking for.

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Is the Honda City Hybrid worth buying?

Honda City Hybrid is a great car worth buying for many reasons, including its premium features. Many advanced technology features are incorporated with basic Honda features, which adds up to the overall comfortable riding experience.

How long do hybrid Hondas last?

The hybrid Honda car, just like other electric cars with batteries, does not last forever, but they do stay for a long time. Usually, hybrid Hondas last for ten years or run effectively for 100,000 miles without causing any serious problems.

Is a hybrid good for high mileage?

Yes, hybrid cars have higher mileage because of alternative driving modes. Because of the electric motor, the engine is less burdened, which improves fuel mileage by many folds.

Is hybrid faster than petrol?

No, hybrid cars are not faster than petrol-powered cars but offer better fuel consumption and emissions. As in hybrid cars, the power is shared between the engine and electric motor, which is why they offer less acceleration than other cars.

What is the top speed of the Honda City hybrid?

The highest speed of the Honda City Hybrid is between 170-180 kilometers per hour.

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Honda City Hybrid is quite popular among people for its fuel efficiency and advanced technology features. It is best for daily commutes but has some cons, and many users have complained about Honda City Hybrid problems. We have highlighted all the common Honda City Hybrid problems in this article.

I hope you find our article helpful. Thank you for reading.

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