Honda Civic Headlights Not Working?

Honda Civic is one of the most reliable and comfortable compact cars, but if you are here, you must own a Honda Civic whose headlights are not working properly, right? It may seem like a small issue, but it can be fatal and pose significant safety risks to drivers and others. So, if you want to know why Honda Civic headlights are not working, this article is for you.

In this article, we will discuss the reasons and troubleshooting methods to set the non-functional headlights of your Honda Civic. Read ahead to understand Honda Civic headlight problems and how to repair them to ensure you and everyone around you are safe.

Honda Civic Headlights Not Working?

Honda Civic Headlight Not Working

All the Honda Civic owners pay attention because headlights don’t have a lifetime guarantee, and they can stop working anytime. This is why it is important to be familiar with the potential reasons that can cause malfunctioning of your Honda Civic. Moreover, changing the headlights is not always the solution because sometimes, Honda Civic headlight problems can be solved with a few inspections.

Here, we share the common reasons why Honda Civic headlights are not working. A quick fix saves drivers when they can not immediately replace headlights or visit a mechanic. Most commonly, headlight malfunctions due to loose connection, burned-out bulb, or broken fuse, so here’s how you can check and fix Honda Civic headlight problems.

Check the Bulb

When my Honda Civic headlight stops working suddenly, I immediately inspect the bulb. All I have to do is lift the hood and inspect the headlight assembly. If you notice any damage or darkness on the bulb, you must replace them.

Furthermore, if there is no apparent damage to the bulb, pull out the bulb from the headlight assembly and clean it. Check if the headlights work now; if not, replace the existing bulb with a new one by unclipping the hold-down wire and removing the rubber seal. After installing the new bulb, put back the rubber seal and clip the hold-down wire again.

Inspect the Fuses

The blown fuse is another reason why the Honda Civic headlight stops working. You need to get to your car’s fuse box underneath your dashboard and look for headlight fuses.

Usually, the red fuses on the left and right sides are for low-beam headlights, so inspecting these fuses is important to fix the Honda Civic headlight problem. Just wiggle the bulb or reconnect the wires; this fixes the faulty headlight problems. You can move on to the next step if the fuse is okay, but if it is blown, then replacing it is the only solution.

Loose Connectors or Wiring

Loose Connectors or Wiring

This has happened to me quite a few times. The Honda Civic headlight will not work if the wiring is loose or damaged.

So before visiting a mechanic, open the hood and check the connectors. Fixing loose wiring is not tough; I usually do it myself, and it takes a few minutes only.

After connecting the wires again, don’t forget to give a quick check by turning on the headlights. If it works, you are good to go; however, if the wiring is damaged, you should get it replaced as soon as possible because traveling at night without headlights is very dangerous.

Examine the Headlight Switch

Sometimes, faulty headlight switches can also cause Honda Civic headlights to malfunction. Check the switch working on both high beam and low beam settings.

If the headlights do not respond according to the setting, the headlight switch is the problem. In such a situation, changing the headlight switch is the only way of fixing the Honda Civic headlight problem.

Inspect the Dimming Switches

Another cause of the faulty Honda Civic headlights is the switch malfunctioning. It’s the most straightforward problem to identify because it shows symptoms on your meter board, so you don’t need to open and inspect the hood. Commonly, low-beam lights are affected due to faulty switches.

Look for symptoms if only parking lights work when you turn on low-beam lights. Sometimes dusty switches are the reason behind this problem. There is no need to replace the switch; clean it up, and you will be good to go.

One Faulty Honda Civic Headlight

One Faulty Civic Headlight

If only one headlight is faulty, you need to check if the problem is the high or low-beam bulb. Once you know which beam bulb is faulty, fixing it won’t take long.

Open the hood and remove the connectors by pressing the locks on both sides. Now, remove the rubber seal and replace the faulty bulb.

If you are doing it yourself, remember to remove the smaller rubber seal if the high beam bulb is faulty and the larger rubber seal to replace the faulty low beam bulb. Once the bulb is replaced, reconnect the connectors, place it back in position, and close the hood.

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Is It Important to Fix Honda Civic Faulty Headlights?

Is It Important to Fix Honda Civic Faulty Headlights

If you are thinking you can go anywhere even if your Honda Civic headlights are acting up, then you are wrong. It won’t be a problem on bright sunny days but what about night travels, cloudy and rainy days?

Therefore, you should not ignore the problem if your Honda Civic headlights are not working properly and get them fixed as soon as possible. Here are a few reasons why you should never rely on a non-functional headlight and how important headlights are.

  • Proper functioning of headlights is important as it enhances visibility in low light conditions and keeps you and others safe.
  • Roaming around with malfunctioning headlights can be dangerous and lead to accidents, especially in bad weather conditions and low-lit areas.
  • Moreover, you may get fined in urban areas if your headlights are not working or operational, especially at night.


What causes both headlights to stop working?

Usually, both headlights don’t stop working simultaneously unless and until there is some major problem. The possible reasons behind this could be a fuse, headlight relay, faulty headlight or dimmer switch, and damaged wiring.

Can a fuse stop headlights from working?

When the power exceeds a specific limit, it breaks the circuit, and no power will be delivered to the headlights anymore. So yes, a fuse can cause headlights to stop working.

Why are my headlights not working, but low beams are?

If low beam lights are working fine, but headlights are not working, it could be due to the broken or fuse bulb. Fixing the headlight bulb can solve this problem.

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Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your car free from all the problems. Still, things can go wrong anytime and cause Honda Civic headlights to stop working properly. We have discussed all the potential reasons that can cause headlights to malfunction and quick solutions that can fix the headlight issues.

Plus, as a driver, you are responsible for keeping everyone safe around you, and you can’t do that with malfunctioning headlights. Feel free to take help from this article and immediately fix your Honda Civic headlight.

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