Best and Worst Years for Honda Accord

Honda Accord is the flagship sedan and is considered one of the most reliable vehicles from the company. Today, for most Honda lovers, it is the staple of the sedan for its amazing build, automated transmission, and mileage.

However, contrary to popular opinion, not all Honda Accord models have attracted sales in the market, which is why it is important to do market research beforehand. So, let us proceed and check out the best and worst years for the Honda Accord.

Honda Accord Best Years

Honda Accord Best Years

Honda Accord has been a great success in the market with multiple best-selling models in the market. The automated functions and spacious seating make them extremely popular. So, let us discuss the best years for this sedan.


2003 to 2007 marks the 7th generation of the Honda Accord which comes with a number of transmission upgrades. During these years, the company introduced a 240 horsepower V6 engine which was equipped with a six-speed manual transmission with better mileage and fuel economy. The entire setup was suitable enough to cross the approximately 100,000-mile threshold, making it a great success in the market.


2011 and 2021 models from the seventh generation are undoubtedly the best years of the Honda Accord for their reasonable price tag and comfortable ride experience. The improvements in these models were particularly focused on the exterior and aerodynamic transmissions, which upgraded its mileage and fuel economy. These two models received the most driving satisfaction ratings from drivers.


After receiving a lot of backlash for the 8th generation from consumers, the 9th Accord generation was remodeled entirely. The company focused specifically on standard safety features, including departure warnings, backup cameras, and front collision detection technology. Similarly, the V6 engine and six-speed transmission were used in these models, resulting in better mileage and fuel economy.


The current generation of Honda Accord was redesigned completely with new interior and transmission details. According to drivers, these models offered a comfortable ride, had standard safety features, and had one of the most responsive steering of all times. Also, the interior was spacious and comfortable for big families.

That said, some models received minor complaints regarding the dashboard rattling, cracked windshield, and fuel economy. According to consumers, when the car covers 100 K miles, it shows signs of transmission failure. However, the low volume of complaints has not yet come as a major setback for the company.

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Honda Accord’s Worst Years

Honda Accord's Worst Years

Though the Honda Accord has been a successful venture from the company, it still has some models that have not been able to achieve driver satisfaction. Let us dive in and see what are the Honda Accord’s worst years, and why.


For people with a taste for old Hondas, the sixth generation (1998-2002) might be the worst years. The company introduced a number of remodeling’s in these models, one of them being interior. Despite this and low prices, the automation failure and transmission errors resulted mostly in negative consumer reports


The 2003 models from the previous generations are the worst for their automation failure. As per the reports from consumers, the owners complained about transmission failure, premature rusting, and airbag errors, which could potentially result in accidents and severe injuries. Most of them said that they had to replace the entire transmission, which additionally costs around $2000$3000.


These years introduced the 8th generation Honda Accord with several interior updates like extensive seating, spacious layout, and boxy build. However, it couldn’t save Honda’s reputation in the market as these models received the highest NHTSA complaints from the owners. As per the complaints, it has numerous effects, from oil consumption to uncomfortable seating, and brake failure.


The 2010 Honda Accord Model was undoubtedly the worst from the ninth generation and received a lot of transmission-related complaints. As per the consumer reports, this model has major issues like excessive oil consumption, airbag failure, and wearing of brakes. Not only this, but the uncomfortable seating and rattling in the dash further worsened the situation.


Despite its resemblance with the 2011 and 2012 models, 2013 was unable to get positive reviews from drivers. Most complaints received by the drivers in this model were related to the steering and response. As per the owners, this model is highly problematic in winter conditions and results in surging and jerking over slippery roads and vibrating in the forward and backward direction.

2019 accord


Though the current generation has been successful in the market, the 2019 and 2020 models are not the ones you would want to get. This is because they received NHTSA complaints, primarily for the exterior details. According to owners, most of them faced cracked windshields, ABS faults, and dash rattling failures, which definitely influenced the owner satisfaction factor.

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What years to avoid the Honda Accord?

The 1998-2002, 2003, 2008, 2009, 2019, and 2020 Honda Accord models are not the best for several reasons. Most of them receive complaints regarding transmission failure and uncomfortable driving experiences.

What is the best year of the Honda Accord?

2003-2007, 2011, 2012, 2014, and the current generation of Honda Accords are some of the best years for the vehicle. According to consumer reports, the vehicle received amazing driving satisfaction ratings.

How many miles can a Honda Accord last in a lifetime?

An average Honda Accord can easily last between 200K and 300K miles, with proper care and careful driving. That said, do consider that it depends on the maintenance and condition of the vehicle.

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Final Thoughts

Finally, for any Honda Accord fan, you are not alone. But before you jump blindly into it and buy one without any market research, it is better to read drivers’ reviews and see which years are best and worst. I hope this guide has been helpful in figuring out which model is the right match for your budget.

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