Honda Pilot Transmission Problems

Many of you must have a Honda Pilot because why not? It is a great SUV, but hold on, there is something that you need to know before getting this amazing car for yourself.

Although manufacturers try to produce a perfect car model free from all problems, the Honda Pilot is definitely not one of those models. So, all the Honda Pilot owners stay tuned because in this article, we will reveal and discuss Honda Pilot transmission problems commonly experienced by the Honda Pilot owners.

Honda Pilot Transmission Problems

Honda Pilot Transmission Problems

Whether you own a Honda Pilot or are thinking of buying one, this article will significantly help you stay informed of the potential transmission problems you might experience with a Honda Pilot. I am listing below all the Honda Pilot transmission problems that I encounter now and then. So, before you invest in this SUV, go through all the Honda Pilot transmission problems listed below to make a wise decision.

Transmission Jerking

The problem I faced the most with my Honda Pilot was the transmission jerking. An annoying jolting movement awaited me whenever I shifted gears to accelerate or decelerate. It is frustrating and uncomfortable because sometimes it throws me two to three forward inches from the seat.

The transmission jerking is not a model-specific problem; almost all the Honda models have this transmission problem. Many Honda Pilot owners have reported that transmission jerking usually starts after 5,000 miles, but no significant solution exists.

Transmission Slipping

Honda Pilot transmission problems do not end with transmission jerking. If you have a Honda Pilot like me, you may also experience transmission slipping. Isn’t it irritating when you turn on the engine, and it doesn’t move right away?

What bothers me the most is that the transmission slipping happens anytime, whether I am driving my car at high speed, slowing it down, or just starting it. Moreover, some users can report experiencing jerking along with the transmission slipping. It gives a sudden jerk to the driver, which makes driving the Honda Pilot a little too annoying.

Complete Transmission Failure

Complete Transmission Failure

If you think transmission jerking and slipping were the worst Honda Pilot transmission problems, you’re mistaken because you haven’t encountered the worst yet. I heard about this from numerous Honda Pilot owners, and when I experienced it myself, I knew why it is the worst of all Honda Pilot transmission problems.

If you think poor maintenance causes transmission failure, it’s not always the case. Despite regular maintenance and service, I experienced this problem, and replacing a transmission is the only solution, which is quite expensive, and not all Honda Pilot owners go for this.

Sudden Lunging Forward

Another annoying and confusing problem with the Honda Pilot is that even if it’s parked, it suddenly lurches forward as if it is in gear. I have experienced it myself countless times. I park my car in the garage, and whenever I take the Honda Pilot to the office, it, out of nowhere, produces loud noises and lurches forward for no apparent reason.

It usually happens when the car is in “Park” mode or has low speed. Moreover, this problem has no solution because the root cause of the problem is still unknown. So, if you own a Honda Pilot SUV, you have to live with this problem.

Transmission Fluid Leaks

Hold on, are you considering buying an older mode to save yourself from all the Honda mentioned above Pilot transmission problems? If yes, then shake that thought off instantly because even the older models of Honda Pilot are not perfect. Transmission and coolant fluid leaks are a common problem with Hinda Pilot models, especially the old ones.

The transmission fluid leak problem can happen to any car, but I have not often experienced transmission leaks with my other car vehicles, as with the Honda Pilot. Sometimes, you even have to change the radiator or flush the transmission to fix the problem, but still, it’s of no use.

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Does Honda Pilot Worth Money?

Does Honda Pilot Worth Money?

After going through all the Honda Pilot transmission problems, you must be thinking if you should invest your money in this SUV or not, aren’t you? Well, it’s not that Honda Pilot is total crap.

It has a few problems, which cannot outshine this car’s incredible features. It is totally up to you to buy this car, but I would advise you to go for a zero-meter car because a pre-owned Honda Pilot will test your patience to another level.

Which Honda Pilot Model is Least Reliable?

Honda Pilot has eight models in total, and sadly, all models have a few problems; the most common problems reported by the Honda Pilot owners are transmission problems. Still, if this is your favorite SUV and you want to get one for yourself, you should go for a model with the least reported problems and walk away from the least reliable model of the Honda Pilot.

As per reports and surveys, the 2003 model of Honda Pilot is the least reliable out of all models and has many issues that can be expensive to fix. In the last few years, Honda Pilot models have improved in design and fixing transmission problems. So I would advise you to go for the latest models as many of the Honda Pilot transmission problems are fixed in the new models.

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Do Honda Pilots have transmission problems?

Several Hinda Pilot owners have reported encountering transmission problems with Honda Pilot models.

What year did Honda Pilots have transmission issues?

Not a single Honda Pilot is free from transmission issues. Sooner or later, this SUV starts acting up, but the 2003 Honda Pilot model has the most transmission issues compared to other models.

What are the top 5 signs of transmission problems?

Drivers could figure out transmission problems if the car shows delayed engagement, produces loud noises, slips between gears, has transmission fluid leakage, or has a burning smell.

How do I know if my Honda transmission is bad?

Identifying if your car’s transmission is problematic and needs fixing is easy. If you drive a manual car, pay attention to the grinding noises, if any, when the gear is changed, but if you drive an automatic Honda, then the noises will be a lot quieter, like humming or buzzing. In short, if you notice any abrupt or strange noise while changing gears, then it’s a sign that the Honda transmission is terrible.


Honda Pilot is an attractive car with many commendable features, but the transmission problems can frustrate a driver in seconds. This article mentions all the Honda Pilot transmission problems a Honda Pilot owner may experience sooner or later. So, read the whole essay and decide whether purchasing a Honda Pilot is wise with all its transmission problems.

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