Best and Worst Years for Honda Pilot

Honda Pilot being a mid-size crossover minivan has been a best-selling vehicle from the company. Its smart transmission, spacious cargo, and comfortable seating, not to mention the affordable price tag were able to attract massive sales from the market.

If you are planning to invest in the Honda Pilot, wait and do the research. Like any other vehicle, there were some best and worst years for the Honda Pilot, based on features and performance. So, let us dive in and see how it played in the market from the release.

Best Honda Pilot Years

Best Honda Pilot Years

Honda Pilot has attracted some of the best sales through the years. So, dive right in to find out some good years for the vehicle.


In the second generation, the 2009 Honda Pilot model was designed with a boxy look and sleek exterior. Unlike the first generation, this model was popular for its comfortable seating, better mileage, and improved fuel economy. Most drivers were completely satisfied with their experience in the city and on the road.


2014 was also a good year for the Honda Pilot, as it received the lowest NHTSA complaints. Honda remodeled the interior of the car and introduced an upgraded navigation mechanism, a dashboard, and a spacious seating system, hence more drivers were extremely satisfied with the comfort level. Along with this, the affordable price tag acted as a cherry on top.


The Honda Pilot 2015 came in multiple variants, including the LX trim and Tourism trim, both of which were huge successes in the market. A large part of the reason was their practical construction and value-for-money features. It was less problematic than the previous versions, all thanks to its upgraded transmission mechanism.


In 2018, the Honda Pilot was refurbished with a shiny red exterior, which was primarily inspired by the Deep Scarlet. Its sleek and boxy appearance attracts the most Honda Pilot lovers across the board. Similarly, the better fuel economy and low power consumption added to the annual sales.


The 2020 model marks the most upgrades across the Honda Pilot generations, as everything, from its exterior to wheel drive, and transmission engine was remodeled. The most notable addition was the V6 Engine with a six-speed transmission mechanism and automatic stop-start feature. Despite this, there were some drivers who complained about the problematic ignition mechanism.


In 2021, Honda introduced the nine-speed automatic transmission mechanism, which was less chunky and more effective than the previous six-speed automatic engine. Drivers were also really happy with the transformation in the pedal shifters, automatic ignition system, and dual-on climate control, adding safety features. It definitely helped Honda sell the 2021 model.


The year 2022 was one of the best for Honda Pilot for its exterior and interior updates. The manufacturers added several components to the vehicle like LED lamps, a big 8-inch touchscreen, and the CarPlay integration, which definitely added to the drivers’ satisfaction. Lastly, the standard safety features also increased its value in the market.

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Worst Honda Pilot Years

Worst Honda Pilot Years

Now that we have discussed the best years, let us check out the not-so-good years for the vehicle.


The 2003 Honda Pilot model was full of technical problems, including a faulty powertrain, engine misfiring, and mediocre mileage. The common problems identified from the consumer reports included loud torque converter noises, ignition problems, and faulty transmission. Most drivers complained about the repeated expensive repairs, which eventually added to the annual maintenance cost.


Though there were only minor complaints regarding the automatic transmission and torque converter in the 2004 model, the large volume of complaints was the reason for its bad sales. Most drivers reported that the vehicle started making loud noises after covering the 100,000-mile threshold. It eventually made owners susceptible to its performance in extreme weather.


The 2010 Honda Pilot was a huge success when it was first released in the market. However, soon, this affordable and efficient SUV attracted negative attention for its annoying vibration and repeated steering pulling. Some drivers also complained about the excessive oil consumption in extreme conditions.

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Speaking of the 2011 model, the airbags received the most negative reviews of all time. Apart from this, its premature tire wearing, low fuel economy, and engine lines flickering repeatedly contributed to its bad reputation across the board. Despite not having any major mechanical faults, the repair cost became the reason for the 2011 models’ low sales.


Similarly, the 2016 Honda Pilot model received a large volume of NHTSA complaints regarding both mechanical and exterior faults. The common issues identified by the reports included premature rusting of electric components, comfortable seating, low-quality paint, ineffective communication system, and unresponsive steering. Hence, this badly affected the reputation of the 2016 model.


Moreover, 2017 did not prove to be a good year for Honda Pilot. This was because of several issues, like steer shifting, flickering engine light, inadequate fuel economy, and excessive oil consumption. Its cost-effective price tag was also not able to attract an audience.


pilot honda 2019

The 2019 Honda Pilot model received the most complaints. These included the navigation malfunction, faulty ignition system, and responses steering, not to mention its below-average construction against the National Highway Traffic Safety Agency rules. According to owners, it was not safe to drive the 2019 model in extreme conditions.


Despite introducing several updates in the 2020 Honda Pilot model, the faulty navigation system and inadequate communication mechanism resulted in making it one of the worst years. Some other problems included the loud noise from the torque converter, transmission failure, and surging on wet roads.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Honda Pilot is definitely a worthy minivan across the market, and for the right reasons. However, before jumping blindly to the buying, it is significant to do market research beforehand. I hope this guide has helped you get a sneak peek of each year’s highlight.

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