How to Fix Honda Sensing Problems?

Honda always comes up with revolutionary features, and Honda sensing is one of those features. This advanced technology feature has made driving safer and more convenient for riders. However, no car feature is safe from occasional hiccups and issues.

So this article is for you if you are a Honda owner facing Honda sensing problems. Today, we will discover what possibly could go wrong with the Honda sensing and how to fix Honda sensing problems. So read this comprehensive guide till the end to become familiar with the causes and solutions of Honda sensing problems.

Honda Sensing Problems?

Honda Sensing Problems?

Honda amazed many car owners with the sensing feature, but when it starts acting up, it can be really frustrating. But the good news is most of the Honda sensing problems can be fixed. So save your time and money and enjoy peaceful rides by understanding Honda sensing features and how to fix Honda sensing problems with us.

Fix the Honda Sensing System Malfunction Warning

The most common Honda Sensing problem is the sensing system failure, and you can know easily if your dashboard has a malfunction warning. It can happen for several reasons, such as sensor malfunctioning or software glitches.

When my Honda sensing feature fails to detect, I clean the sensors if dust is blocking the signals. It resolves the issue most of the time, but if the problem persists, restarting the vehicle and the sensing system solves the problem. Moreover, occasionally update your car’s sensing feature to save yourself from this kind of Honda sensing problem.

Fix the Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) Issue

Undoubtedly, Honda sensing is an amazing feature that assists drivers in several ways. These include adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, collision mitigation braking, and others. However, many Honda owners have complained about the ACC features issues, and the most common issues are inconsistent speed adjustment, rapid braking, or total system failure.

If you are having this issue, check the radars on the front grille. Make sure they are clean and free from all obstructions. Moreover, restarting the vehicle also fixes such Honda sensing problems.

Fix Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) False Alarm

Fix Collision Mitigation Braking System (CMBS) False Alarm

The Honda sensing feature also assists in controlling the CMBS and even applying brakes if it senses any vehicle or pedestrians in front of your vehicle. It also saves the driver from a potential collision, but I have experienced false CMBS alarms many times, even when the road is clear and there is no imminent danger.

The CMBS false alarm mainly happens when there is any obstruction in the front radar system. All you have to do is clean the radar, and it will start working fine. It can happen during rain, snow, or even fog that interferes with the car’s sensing system and causes the malfunction.

Fix Faulty Lane Keeping Assist System (LKAS)

The best thing about the Honda sensing system is that it helps drivers stay in their lane and beeps whenever their car is out of position, but that’s not always the case. Due to Honda’s sensing problems, the LKAS gives false alarms because sensors are not recognizing the lane markings accurately.

To fix this Honda sensing problem, you need to clean the windshield-mounted camera, and you will be good to go. An unclean screen or any obstruction can cause LKAS inaccuracy, so cleaning the camera will fix Honda’s sensing problems. You can also switch off the sensor if it is still behaving abnormally and get it checked by a mechanic.

Fix Road Departure Mitigation System (RDM) Issues

Fix Road Departure Mitigation System (RDM) Issues

This system is incorporated in Honda sensing and provides steering and braking assistance to the drivers from road edges. However, some Honda drivers have reported issues with this system being completely insensitive and oversensitive.

If you are facing this issue and want to fix the Honda sensing problem, clean the windshield-mounted camera, and your problem will be solved. Moreover, if your camera is not the problem, it’s probably due to the faded road markings causing problems in the Honda sensing system.

Fixing Malfunctioned Parking Sensor

The problem I faced the most with Honda sensing was the malfunctioning of parking sensors. It either beeps constantly or shows inaccurate distance readings. However, it’s not a big issue; cleaning the parking sensors on the front and rear bumpers fixes the Honda parking sensor problem.

Sometimes dirt or any particles that are blocking or causing an obstruction between sensors result in parking sensors malfunctioning. If cleaning does not help, there must be some underlying reason, so get your vehicle checked by a professional as soon as possible.

Fix Blind Spot Information System (BSI) Issues

Another associated assistance with the Honda sensors is the Blind spot information system, but some Honda owners have experienced false BSI alerts. This system is designed to assist alert drivers to any vehicle close to them. If your Honda sensor has this issue, you can fix it by removing any obstruction on the BSI sensors and cleaning them.

Cleaning front and rear sensors mostly resolves the Honda sensing problem, but if the issue persists, a system software glitch or sensor system failure is probable. If cleaning does not help, you need to consult an expert to fix the software or sensors.

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Fixing Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) Malfunctioning

Fixing Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) Malfunctioning

Another common Honda sensing problem is when its traffic sign recognition malfunctions. Typically, sensors detect traffic signals from a safe distance and display them on the panel. However, if Honda sensors malfunction, they neither detect the traffic signals nor display them on the instrument panel.

You must clean the camera and reposition it facing forward to fix this. You will not reencounter this problem. However, sometimes, the reason is low-light conditions and harsh weather, causing TSR to malfunction.

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How do you reset a Honda Sensing problem?

To reset Honda Sensing, go to your vehicle’s touchscreen settings, choose “vehicle settings,” then go to “Drive Assist Setup.” You can change, turn off, and turn on any Honda Sensing setting here.

Can you remove Honda Sensing?

Yes, if you want Honda sensors to stop working, all you need to do is turn off any or all Honda Sensing by selecting the sensing feature and pressing the Main button.

Where are the Honda Sensing sensors located?

The Honda Sensing system includes cameras and radars in the front and rear bumper, the inner side of the windshield, and behind the rearview mirror. All these sensors work together and assist drivers.


Honda Sensing is an incredible feature that enhances the safety of the driver and everyone around. However, just like other technologies and features, it can malfunction and be problematic sometimes. The good news is that most of the Honda sensing problems have simple solutions.

We have mentioned common Honda sensing problems and ways to fix these problems in this article. So feel free to take help from this comprehensive guide and enjoy the Honda sensing feature to drive peacefully and safely.

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