Honda Odyssey Sliding Door Sensor Problem

Are you experiencing challenges with your Honda Odyssey sliding door? Honda Odyssey is known for its paramount convenience, spaciousness, and comfort. However, the sensory problem with the sliding door can cause difficulty in opening and closing the doors, warning lights, audible alerts, inoperative auto features, etc.

There are multiple reasons behind sliding door issues in Honda Odyssey like dead battery, faulty latch, damaged cables, and clogged sensors. So, allow me to dissect the problems with the sliding door of the Honda Odyssey and its solutions.

Honda Odyssey Sliding Door Sensor Problem

People love Honda Odyssey minivans for its sliding door feature because it provides a convenient way of entering and exiting the van, especially in tight parking spaces. It makes loading and unloading the vehicle easier and is space efficient because it does not require extra space to open up like the traditional hinged doors that swing out. However, the same convenience can become a huge problem if the doors are stuck or won’t open or close due to sensory problems.

Issue: Clogged Sensor

Issue: Clogged Sensor

One of the most common reasons why automatic doors do not function properly is the clogged sensors. Typically, the sensors accumulate dust, dirt, and grime if it is not kept clean. However, these sensors play an important role in maintaining the smooth operation of the sliding automatic doors.

Solution: Unclogging Sensors

  • The first step is to turn off your Honda Odyssey because you should never compromise on safety.
  • Next, open the vehicle’s doors manually and clean them thoroughly. Moreover, inspect the door pillars and contacts closely and clean all the accumulated dirt.
  • Then, take some rubbing alcohol and clean the sensors and sliding rails of the doors completely.
  • Now, you need to give proper attention to the rubber section of the railing and look for any unnecessary things that might cause clogging.
  • Afterward, open the doors slightly and leave them like this after turning on the master switch.
  • Finally, use the control switch to open and close the doors.

Issue: Electric Fault

Another reason why your Honda Odyssey door acts up is the insufficient power supply. Moreover, an electric glitch can disrupt the door’s normal operations and the culprit behind this can be a dead battery, a malfunctioning sensor, or a misplaced door switch.


  • If your car has an electrical problem, you can override the fuse of the sliding door. You can do this by removing the No. B16 (10A) fuse present in the relay box. This will help in clearing any Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs).
  • Next, You need to disengage the power door system completely by turning off the main switch on the door.
  • Then, you must turn the ignition to the ‘lock’ position.
  • Now you can close the door manually and then turn the ignition key back on to reintroduce power to the door system.
  • Finally, turn on the main door switch and test the sliding doors to check if it is working properly.

Issue: Broken Cables

Cables are crucial components connected to a motor working in tandem to facilitate the automatic operations of the doors. However, if it breaks it can lead to non-functional power sliding doors.


  • First, you must disconnect the vehicle’s battery to eliminate any threat of shock during the repair process.
  • Then, to access the components of the sliding door, remove the rear tailgate, taillight, and taillight fastener.
  • The tracks are covered by plastic and metal parts; remove them.
  • Afterward, through the help of a jack take the sliding door off its track.
  • Now look for the cables holding the door bracket and remove it with the help of a pair of needle-nose pliers.
  • Then, purchase a replacement door bracket install it carefully, and fix it back in its original position on the track.
  • Finally, reassemble all the parts and test your door thoroughly.

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Common Troubleshooting Methods

If you own a Honda Odyssey manufactured between 1999 and 2011, you need to use the following common methods to fix sliding door sensor issues. Furthermore, it will treat problems like doors not opening or closing completely.

Procedure 1

First, locate the handle located on the door of the second passenger section.

Then, pull the handle and it will help in fixing the sliding door issue.

Procedure 2

First, locate the sliding door button located in the driver’s area of the dashboard.

Then, press the button responsible for the stuck door.

Procedure 3

Wear and tear results in a brittle rubber bumper. If the rubber bumper is worn out or absent, the sliding doors will create issues. So, look for it at the jammed top opening and replace it with a new one.

  • First, use the button located in the driver’s area to open the door.
  • Then, replace the bumper and position the hook edge in such a way that it faces the rail.
  • Finally, your door will be as good as new.

Procedure 4: Troubleshooting Honda Odyssey After 2011

Procedure 4 Troubleshooting Honda Odyssey After 2011

  • First, locate the toggle switch around the steering wheel.
  • Then, push it down to disable the door-opening buttons, and then push it back up.


How do you manually close the sliding doors in a Honda Odyssey?

Switch off the toggle controls located at the driver’s seat and then pull the door forward.

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In short, Honda Odyssey sliding door sensor problems can be due to clogged sensors, electrical faults, and broken cables, etc. This blog provides a complete step-by-step guide on all the possible solutions. However, it is suggested to consult a professional to fix your sliding door sensor issue.

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