Honda Jazz Hybrid Problems

The Honda Jazz Hybrid is undoubtedly one of the best creations of Honda. It is a fantastic addition to the world of eco-friendly and advanced hybrid technology cars, but still, it’s not a perfect hybrid car. If you are trying to find out the drawbacks of this car, then you are at the right place.

In this article, we are highlighting Honda Jazz Hybrid problems that many riders have experienced. So, if you want to know what challenges await you if you invest your money in a Honda Jazz Hybrid car, then keep reading this article.

Honda Jazz Hybrid Problems

Undoubtedly, hybrid cars offer much more than regular cars, but have you ever considered the drawbacks of the Honda Jazz Hybrid car? Well, if you think this hybrid car has no downside, then you are wrong because, in a while, I will enlist all the problems I experienced with the Honda Jazz Hybrid.

Continuous Variable Transmission (CVT) Issues

Hybrid cars are designed to offer a riding experience, but the Honda Jazz Hybrid has some serious CVT issues. It changes gears smoothly while driving, but I have experienced jerking movement while starting the engine and applying acceleration.

Moreover, its transmission oil leaks often, it gets heated up really quickly, also causes loud noises when the acceleration paddle is pressed, and sometimes it completely loses accelerating power. That’s a lot to handle, isn’t it?

Mediocre Performance

Hybrid cars offer incredible performance, but I wasn’t happy with the performance of the Honda Jazz Hybrid. All hybrid vehicles are fuel-efficient, but due to the acceleration problems of the Honda Jazz Hybrid, the car’s overall performance is compromised.

Steering Wheel Problems

Steering Wheel Problems

Sometimes, the steering wheel of the Honda Jazz Hybrid can be problematic out of nowhere. According to the Honda Jazz Hybrid car owners, the steering wheel is not as sensitive as it should be and does not respond appropriately. Furthermore, polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) protects the steering wheel from wear and tear, but it also makes the steering wheel slippery, which is why maintaining a grip on the steering wheel is a little challenging for many riders.

Less Boot Space

Less boot space is not a big problem, but it can sometimes be when you travel and have loads of luggage. After integrating batteries, users are left with little to no space for their belongings, which is why it is not best suited for long trips and holidays.

Brake Pad Problems

The poor quality of the brake pad makes owners question its durability. This is why the Honda Jazz Hybrid brake pads need to be replaced quicker than any other car, as they wear and tear easily.

Tire Traction Problem

The tire’s grip is the most important thing to keep the driver safe from any mishap. I was disappointed by the gripping ability of the Honda Jazz Hybrid tires.

They do not offer incredible grip; combined with the steering wheel problems, it can be deadly. Therefore, I advise you to drive Jazz at a safe speed and fast speeding because a lot can go wrong, and you will be unable to control the car.

Battery Longevity

Honda Jazz Hybrid is designed for regular use, and if you own a Jazz that you don’t use often, the battery will cause problems when you sit in it for your next ride. Its battery life is not long, and it degrades with time. So, no matter if you use it often or do not use it at all, its battery will be affected.

Plus, degraded batteries generate less power and consume more fuel, which makes its cost-effectiveness feature questionable. In addition, the place where you park your Honda Jazz Hybrid also matters because extreme weather conditions also affect its battery.

High temperatures cause faster battery degradation, and the battery range is compromised at low temperatures. As it is not weather-friendly, the Honda Jazz Hybrid will be a waste of money if you live in an area with extreme weather conditions.


Its true hybrid cars are expensive, but the Honda Jazz Hybrid is slightly more overpriced than its features and non-hybrid parts. You can buy a high-end car with a lot more premium features at the same price, which is why many potential customers hesitate to buy it.

It is not an affordable vehicle, especially for those with a tight budget. Undoubtedly, it is cost-effective in many ways, but that does not make it inexpensive, so if you have an unlimited budget and can pay high tax incentives, go for it because the Honda Jazz Hybrid is not easy to insure.

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Is the Honda Jazz Hybrid reliable?

Honda Jazz Hybrid is a reliable, cost-effective car that offers satisfactory performance.

How long will a Honda Jazz hybrid battery last?

The battery life of the Honda Jazz Hybrid is between six to ten years and runs effectively for 100,000 miles.

What is the common problem for Honda Jazz?

The design of the Honda Jazz is not problem-free, and the most common problems of this car include boot space, CVT issues, poor brake pads, and poor tire traction.

How much does it cost to replace a Honda Jazz hybrid battery?

Honda Jazz Hybrid’s batteries are expensive to replace. It may cost you thousands of dollars to replace the battery of the Honda Jazz Hybrid.

Honda Jazz hybrid battery

How much fuel does a Honda Jazz hybrid use per 100km?

To cover 100km, a Honda Jazz Hybrid car uses 4.5 liters of fuel.

Is the Honda Jazz Hybrid economical?

Regarding fuel consumption and gas emissions, the Honda Jazz Hybrid is super economical and saves plenty of consumers money.

What happens when a Honda hybrid battery dies?

When the battery of the Honda Hybrid dies, you can’t even start it, even if it has fuel. You need to replace the batteries to keep using your Honda Hybrid because, without batteries, it does not even move an inch from its place.

Are hybrid batteries expensive?

The price of the batteries depends upon your car model and the types of batteries you need. Hybrid batteries come in a range of $2000 to $8000.

Are Honda Jazz cheap to repair?

It depends on what part of your Honda Jazz needs repairing. Some parts of the vehicle come at cheap rates, but a few of them can be costly, like batteries, electric motors, etc.

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The Bottom Line

Honda Jazz Hybrid has a very attractive design and plenty of praiseworthy hybrid features, making this model cost-effective and environment-friendly. However, all of its positive features can not mask the downside of this model. Read all the Honda Jazz Hybrid problems from this article and decide for yourself whether this car is worth your money or not.

We have tried to enlist all the problems that various Honda Jazz Hybrid users reported and also those that we experienced ourselves. I hope our article has clarified the Honda Jazz Hybrid’s problems.

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