Honda Civic Remote Start Not Working

Remote start is one of the most helpful and beneficial features of Honda cars and is one of the reasons responsible for making it a favorite vehicle for most people. You can simply preheat or pre-cool your car without leaving your home. It also helps in powering up your car without the complications of going out, inserting the key into the ignition, and then waiting for the vehicle to turn on.

But unfortunately, despite its benefits, it is one of those features that has several issues in it. What are those issues, how to fix them, and how to use this feature at its best?

Everything related to the remote start of the Honda Civic is mentioned below. Make sure to understand the details so you can diagnose the problem and solve the issue to use the remote start feature productively.

Honda Civic Remote Start Not Working

Honda Civic Remote Start Not Working

The guide discusses the issues about why the Honda Civic remote start not working and what their solutions are to ensure you can use the feature to its best. Some of the most common problems are mentioned below; consider these and check for them beforehand. Make sure to solve them as mentioned below in order to use the remote start feature smoothly and uninterruptedly.

Improper Remote Usage

If you are not using the remote of the Honda Civic properly, it will not turn on the car. Make sure that you are using it correctly and that you know exactly how to use it.

Sometimes, you have to hold the turn-on button and press it for several seconds in order to start the car. Do that firsthand if the remote isn’t working, and make sure you are using it properly to avoid any problems.

Fob Battery

It’s better to consider the battery of your fog to see whether it is working or not. If your remote starter is not correctly working, there are chances that there are issues with the battery in your fob. Replace the battery for better functioning.

Several Remote Start Attempts

This is one of the common reasons that stop the functioning of the remote start of Honda Civic. If you have pressed the on button twice in quick successions, the system will stop working.

In order to solve it, what you have to do is to put the key into the ignition and turn the car on. Then, use the remote to start again and see if it will work.

Vehicle Is Not In The Park

Your remote start will not work if your vehicle is not in the park. This is one of the obvious reasons and is one of the common problems that Honda Civic owners have to face several times. Make sure your car is parked before using the remote start.

Hazard Lights Are On

Check on the hazard lights to see whether they are on or not. In case they are on, it will block the remote starter from functioning correctly.

Turn them on and then use the remote to start again. It should work now.

Cold Weather

Cold Weather

If there is cold weather outside, there is a high chance that your remote will not work. Low temperature affects the car’s parts, and cold weather directly hits the Honda Civic car’s battery.

It minimizes the current production in the battery, which ultimately results in the thickening of oil. Due to this, there is excess moisture in the fuel lines that prevents Honda Civic cars from working via remote start.

In order to solve this issue, what you have to do is to press the lock button on the remote start in the first step, then press the engine button and hold it for almost 5 to 7 seconds. There will be a red light flashing on the fob’s top as a symbol of the technique’s functioning.

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After Battery Replacement

If the remote start battery has been recently replaced, there are chances that the programming of the remote is affected, ultimately creating some functionality problems. After the battery changes, there is a high chance that the car’s system will deny recognizing the fob.

This also leads to the problems of remote starts functioning. In order to fix this issue, the first and foremost important step that you have to take is to reprogram your fob.

After re-programming, establish the connection with your remote start again. And it will work.

Moreover, when it comes to resetting, make sure to consider taking help from the car’s manual or manufacturers. This is because different car remotes have different reprogramming procedures. So, you have to make sure that you are reprogramming accurately.

Common Reasons For Honda Civic Remote Start Not Working

  • Dead key fobs
  • The car is not in parking mode
  • The door, tailgate, or the engine hood are open
  • Unlocked doors
  • The security warning system is on
  • External electrical interference like tablets, laptops, or phones
  • Cold weather
  • Hazard lights
  • Improper usage



Does the remote start damage your car?

Remote start does not damage your car; instead, it is pretty beneficial for you. It helps you in pre-heating and pre-cooling the vehicle in extreme weather. This allows you to start your car without going out, inserting the key into the ignition, and waiting for the vehicle to turn on.

What is the most common reason behind killing the car remote battery?

External environmental factors like humidity, extreme temperatures, and water exposures are the most common reasons that can affect the remote battery dominantly. There are chances that electronic interference like strong radio signals or devices also interfere with the signals of the car and key fob.

How long do remote start batteries last?

Like other batteries, you need to replace your car’s remote battery occasionally. It lasts between 3 to 4 years, and after every 3 to 4 years, you need to change your car’s remote battery to make it work properly.

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have gone through the article mentioned above with all of your attention. If your Honda Civic remote start is not working, there could be several underlying reasons behind it. Some of them are mentioned below.

This article mentioned above tells you about the common problems related to remote start and their solutions that you can do on your own. Moreover, keep in mind if the problem persists, consider taking help from the manufacturers to avoid any further loss. Always remember that it would be better for you to get help from a Professional mechanic or directly from the car dealers to sort out the exact problem so you can solve it easily.

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