Honda Civic Carplay Not Working

The Honda Civic is among those cars that are getting popular day by day. One of the reasons for its popularity is its infotainment system. Different automakers are providing different versions and different software in their vehicles for making connections with mobiles, and the Honda Civic has Apple carplay in it.

Despite being one of the advantageous features, Apple Carplay is among those systems that sometimes create issues for the drivers because of poor working. If you have a Honda Civic and you use Apple Carplay on your car to make a connection with your iPhone, you must have encountered some of the issues.

What are those issues, why Honda Civic carplay is not working, and what are their solutions? Everything related to the Honda Civic carplay is mentioned below. Make sure to pay attention to the details so you can understand what the problem is with your Honda Civic carplay and what to do if it is not working correctly.

Honda Civic Carplay Not Working

Civic Carplay Not Working

This guide tells you about four commonly occurring reasons why your Honda Civic carplay is not working and their solutions. Make sure to put your attention to the details below so you can quickly diagnose the problem and solve it accordingly. Following are the four common reasons for Honda Civic carplay not working.

  • Your phone is not connected
  • Problem with your phone
  • Problem with the car
  • Problem with the car Play system

Your Phone Is Not Connected

One of the most common reasons why your Honda Civic carplay is not working is the problem with its connection with your phone. If it is not connected correctly to the iPhone, it will not work. Honda Civic carplay works when it is connected to your iPhone.

An infotainment system is connected to your phone with the use of a lightning cable. If the lightning cable is not plugged in correctly, your car’s carplay system will not work.

In order to solve this problem, what you have to do is check the lightning cable connection and ensure that it is plugged in and is seated properly. If the problem persists, you can use another cable wire or can go with a wireless carplay connection if you have an iPhone X or other latest versions of the iPhone.

Problem With Your Phone

Problem With Your Phone

If the connection is appropriately made, but the carplay is not working, then what you have to do is check for the problem on your iPhone. There are chances that there would be a problem with the mobile, and that is why the carplay is not working.

Update your iOS system to the latest version and check whether it is compatible with Carplay or not. Moreover, turn off the extra apps that are open on your phone.

In order to update your phone, what you have to do is to open the settings of your iOS, then open general settings and, click on software update, wait until your software is updated. Now, make the connection again.

Problem With The Car

If you have checked your iPhone and there is no problem either with the software update or there are extra unnecessary apps opened in the background, it is time to check for the issue in the car. Chances are that there would be a problem in the car, and that is why the carplay is not working. The first and foremost important thing that you have to check is the compatibility of the infotainment system with mobile.

Moreover, also check for the software issue in the infotainment system. There are chances that software might be the reason for preventing the functioning of carplay. In order to solve this, what you have to do is to take your car to the Honda dealership.

They will check the infotainment system and will tell you whether there is a problem with the system or not whether it is compatible with your iPhone or not. Plus, if there is no such issue, they will sort out the problem on their own and will solve it for you.

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Problem With The Car Play System

Problem With The Car Play System

If there is no issue with your car, neither is there a problem with the iPhone, and both are compatible with each other, and there is a connection established. Still, your system is not working, then there are chances of some underlying issues with Carplay software. To check these and solve this problem, try to update the Carplay software.

To update the Carplay software, you have to go to the settings, open the general settings, and click on software update. If there is a recent update and your Carplay is not up to date, it will be downloaded automatically and will be installed on your vehicle. After software installation, re-establish the connection, and the carplay system will work.


Why is my Apple CarPlay not working?

Some of the most common reasons for Apple Carplay not working are the problem with your Honda Civic or the problem with the device you are connecting it with. There are chances that they are not compatible with each other or the carplay software is not up to date. Moreover, you can also check the cable and reconnect the Carplay with your iPhone by replacing the cable.

Why does CarPlay keep on disconnecting?

If your Carplay keeps on disconnecting, check for the cable and take a closer look at the charging port. If there is dust and debris in the charging port, there are chances that your car will disconnect again and again. Cleaning it or changing the cable can help you stabilize your connection.

Is CarPlay WiFi?

No Carplay is not actually Wi-Fi; instead, it uses Bluetooth to develop connections between the Honda Civic and the iPhone. After stabilizing the link, it then switches to the Wi-Fi and uses Wi-Fi for its functioning.

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Final Thoughts

When your Honda Civic Carplay is not working, it not only creates issues but also frustrates you during the ride. If it’s not working correctly, there are four primary reasons that could be the causes of Carplay not working. All four of these are mentioned above, and their solutions are also elaborated.

Make sure to pay attention to the details so you can understand what you have to do in order to solve the problem of the Honda Civic Carplay not working. Moreover, it is highly recommended for you to contact the manufacturers so that they can diagnose the actual problem and solve the issue accordingly. It not only is beneficial but also keeps you away from the risks of any further mishaps or problems.

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