Honda City CVT Gearbox Problem

CVT stands for Continuously Variable transmission. The gearbox in Honda City is responsible for changing gears continuously from the available gear ratios range. In 1995, Honda vehicles initiated the use of CVT transmissions.

For your information, a transmission (also known as) gearbox is a device in the vehicle that specifically uses gears to change the direction and speed of the vehicle’s engine. Many drivers are facing problems with their CVT gearbox in Honda City.

Undoubtedly Honda City gearbox problems are not only difficult to diagnose but also very expensive to deal with when you go for their solutions to mechanics. Following are the details of those problems and the causes that are the reasons for triggering the problem in your Honda City car. Let’s look at the details below so you can understand the problems associated with your vehicle.

Honda City CVT Gearbox Problem

The guide tells about 6 common problems that occur in Honda City CVT gearboxes and that most drivers have complained about. We have explained the problems and their causes in detail here so you can have an idea of what you might have to face in the CVT gearbox, if you are buying a Honda City or if you have a Honda City with you.


Burning Smell Due To Overheating

There is a high chance that you will experience a burning smell in your Honda City with a CVT gearbox. This happens when your vehicle is overheating.

The basic cause of this burning smell is the transmission fluid leakage and the entrance of this leaked transmission fluid into the exhaust system. When you experience a burning smell due to overheating, visit the mechanic because this problem should be fixed as soon as possible in order to avoid further damage to the vehicle.

Vehicle Jumping Or Jerking

One of the most common problems that Honda City has to face is the jumping of the vehicle or the feeling of jerking. This happens in the initial acceleration. Keep in mind that although CVT smoothly changes gears, the feeling of jump or jerking is experienced by the drivers while changing gears.

Leakage Of Transmission Fluid

Most of the drivers have reported that when they move their Honda City from one place to another they see a pinkish or red liquid on the ground. This is the transmission fluid and it leaks because of the damage of the seal in the gearbox.

Keep in mind CVT gearbox has numerous external seals that when broken results in leakage of transmission fluid out of the vehicle. The problem is not really bothersome and is easy to fix. But keep in mind not to ignore it and consider replacing broken seals firsthand.

Vibration/ Shaking In The Vehicle

Always keep in mind that when you feel a vibration or shaking sensation while driving there are high chances that your gearbox is creating some problems. Make sure to take help from a mechanic as this issue should be solved as quickly as possible because vibration and shaking of the vehicle is one of the common reasons for accidents.

Loud Acceleration Noise

During the initial acceleration if you notice a dominant and loud sound it may indicate a problem with the CVT gearbox. CVT transmission keeps the engine running at high rotation per minute continuously until the engine reaches the desired speed.

The reason for the loud dominant sound is this. You just don’t need to worry about this sound. Although it is not something that can do damage to the vehicle, this is one of the most irritating things for most of the drivers.

Sudden Loss Of Acceleration

There are sensors present in the Honda City CVT gearbox that are responsible for preventing the car from getting overheated. If the car engine senses any problem in the vehicle it goes into limp home mode.

In this limp home mode, the vehicle’s less important functions are turned off like air conditioning, and speed is reduced. If you are noticing that your vehicle is getting into limp home mode without any noticeable factor such as speed or temperature then consider taking your car to the mechanic. This will help you in diagnosing the problem on time.

Solutions To Common Honda City CVT Gearbox Problems

Solutions To Common Honda City CVT Gearbox Problems

Diagnosing The Right Problem

If you are having troubles with your Honda City CVT gearbox you must make sure to diagnose the right problem beforehand. Look for what actually is the problem with the vehicle and diagnose it correctly. You can get help from the mechanic too if you want to sort out the exact problem.

Before doing anything else, diagnosing is one of the important steps that can take you toward the right solution. Whether the problem is due to clutch plates, low fluid, damaged belts, or something else it should be diagnosed first before solving. After a proper diagnosis, you have certain options with you that can help you sort out the problem and solve what is disturbing the car.

Transmission Fluid Change

One of the best steps that you can take to solve the problems of your Honda City CVT gearbox is to change the transmission fluid at the right time. If you have not changed it recently, doing so will help you in solving many of the minor gearbox problems. Due to the presence of friction and heat, there is a high chance that transmission fluid after some time loses its efficiency.

Make sure to change it on time because clean and fresh fluid helps keep the engine smooth. Moreover, always make sure to go with compatible fluids and use the Honda City CVT fluid, and never a substitute for that. It can solve many of the problems that are related to the gearbox in your Honda City car.

Replacing The Transmission

Replacing The Transmission

If there is some major damage or the mechanic diagnoses that there is a problem with your gearbox consider replacing the transmission. This replacement of the whole unit although is not affordable for everyone is better and makes your car new and flawless again.

Again make sure to opt for the compatible gearbox. Always remember that the mechanic shop that you choose for the replacement procedure is the one that is reliable and provides a warranty for their work. This is because it will help you in getting help from them in case you encounter the problem again.

Consider Replacement Or Repairment Of The Specific Components

After proper diagnosis make sure that you have understood the part that is actually creating problems. You can also consider repairing or replacing that specific component. For example, if you are having problems with the seals of the gearbox, you can only replace them.

Similarly, if you are having problems with the friction plates or valves, you can go with repairing or replacing that specific part instead of selecting an expensive option of replacing the whole unit. This will not only make the repair inexpensive but also reliable because replacing one specific component is easy and quite affordable as compared to placing the whole unit.

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Is gearbox another name for transmission?

Yes, transmission is also called a gearbox. It is basically a mechanical device in the vehicle that uses the gears to change the direction of rotation and speed of the machine.

What are the common problems that you have to face if you have a Honda City car?

Some of the common problems that are related to the gearbox of Honda City include sudden loss of acceleration, overheating, vibration, shaking, and the problem of transmission fluid leakage. These are some of the common problems that need assistance as soon as possible to minimize the damage to the overall vehicle.

What is the life of a Honda transmission?

Honda transmissions have a life between 10000 miles to 200000 miles. It totally depends upon how well you have maintained your vehicle and how often you consider repairment and general checking of transmission

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you have gone through the above-mentioned article that tells you about the Honda City CVT gearbox problems and what you might have to face if you have a Honda City car. The guide elaborates on all 6 problems and the causes of the problems so you can understand the problem in a better way.

Keep in mind that taking your car to the mechanic becomes quite expensive when it comes to CVT gearbox problems so remember to pay attention to the maintenance of the car in order to make sure the CVT gearbox is perfectly functioning throughout the time. Make sure to focus on the description written above so you can prepare yourself beforehand to deal with the problems of the CVT gearbox in your Honda City.

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