Can I Use 5W-30 Instead Of 5W-20 In My Honda?

Not every car model can go with every type of oil, instead, every vehicle has its own oil specifications that it is compatible with. There are many Honda models that come with compatibility with 5W-20 oil. What if you do not have a 5W-20 and you have to put it in your vehicle?

Many of the users are seen questioning about using 5W-30 in the vehicle that is compatible with 5W-20. Whether you can use 5W-30 oil instead of 5W-20 in your Honda or not and what are the consequences that you might have to face if you use 5W-30, I will discuss everything in the below-mentioned article. Make sure to read attentively so you can have an idea about whether you can use 5W-30 or not.

Can I Use 5W-30 Instead Of 5W-20 In My Honda?

Well, it is quite alright to use 5W-30 instead of 5W-20 in your Honda engine. It has been noticed that it actually does not cause any serious engine damage and some of the mechanics even prefer going with 5W-30 because of the similarity of flow and thickness of 5W-30 with 5W-20.

One thing that you have to keep in mind is not to go with 5W-30 oil if your Honda vehicle is still under the manufacturer’s warranty. This is because doing so will instantly take your vehicle out of warranty coverage. Following are other details that you should keep in mind if you really want to understand whether you should go with 5W-30 oil or 5W-20 oils or not.

Common Problems Associated With Pouring 5W-30 Oil Instead Of 5W-20 In Your Honda

Common Problems Associated With Pouring 5W-30 Oil Instead Of 5W-20 In Your Honda

There are high chances of sending the wrong signals from the centralized computer to the other components of the car due to pouring 5W-30 oil in your 5W-20 oil-compatible Honda. You will get to know about this problem because you will notice the unusual signs in your car while driving.

Some drivers and mechanics also go with mixing both 5W-30 and 5W-20 oils in order to get a smoother flow regardless of the temperature outside. This can result in instant damage to the car’s engine. This not only limits the life of the engine but also creates problems in the smoothness and efficiency of the engine so it is not recommended to go with the mixing of both 5W-30 and 5W-20 oils for the Honda engines.

Another thing that you should keep in mind is that new engines work with more efficiency when you use thinner oils in them. That means you can go either with 5W-30 or 5W-20 because they are both thin oils and it will cause no harm to your engine. Keep in mind that if your vehicle is compatible with 5W-20 oil, it will not work at its best with 5W-30 oil.

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What happens if I accidentally put 5W-30 instead of 5W-20?

Nothing serious will happen if you accidentally put 5W-30 instead of 5W-20 in your Honda. It will not create any problems but it’s better to avoid this. Keep in mind not to go with the mixing of both oils because there are chances that you might face the problems of unusual visible signs in the vehicle while driving.

Is 5W-30 thinner or thicker than 5W-20?

When it comes to viscosity 5W-30 is thicker as compared to 5W-20 oil. Keep in mind this viscosity is observed during the operating temperatures. Moreover, make sure to stick with the oil that is recommended by manufacturers for your Honda in order to keep it to the optimum functioning because the recommended oils are recommended on the basis of the compatibility of viscosity with the engine.

How long does the 5W-20 oil last?

A 5W-20 oil comes in three different types: semi-synthetic, full-synthetic, or mineral. Each type has its own life with normal service. Mineral 5W-20 oil lasts from 5,000 miles to 8,000 miles and semi-synthetic oil lasts usually between 7500 miles to 1,200 miles.

How long is 5W-30 good for?

5W-30 keeps working with efficiency for up to 3 months or 3000 miles. If you are using synthetic oil, make sure you are changing the oil every 6 months or 5000 miles. You can extend this time up to 6500 miles if you drive usually on highways.

Is it okay to run 5W-30 instead of 5W-20?

Although using 5W-30 oil in a vehicle that is compatible with 5W-20 oil will not create any bigger problems, it is better to go with 5W-20. Since engines are designed and the oils that are recommended for them are recommended because of their specific viscosity, it’s best to stick with the oil that is recommended by manufacturers.

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Final Thoughts

Concludingly it is of no big concern if you put 5W-30 in your Honda vehicle that is specified for use with 5W-20 oil but it is better to keep it away from 5W-30. This is because in order to make sure that your vehicle is working at its best, always try your best to go with the exact recommendations of oil that the manufacturer has told you.

Moreover, if you have a Honda vehicle that is specifically designed to be used with 5W-20, it will not work with the same efficiency and smoothness that it will work with 5W-20 if you use 5W-30. Keeping this in mind it’s always better and highly recommended to go with the compatible oils instead of using them interchangeably.

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