Can a 75-inch TV Fit in a Honda Accord?

No, a 75-inch TV is not a suitable choice for the Honda Accord because the SUV does not have enough space. A traditional 75-inch TV is around 166.1 cm in width and 93.5 cm in height, which is impossible for the vehicle.

Not only this but even if you manage to get the TV in a compact size, the package also takes up a lot of space. When the packaging is in the TV size, it can easily enter the 77-78 inches category, which is over the limits for the Honda Accord.

There are many people who have supposedly claimed to use a 75-inch TV in their Honda Accord with some tips and tricks, but this is impossible, and doing so may cause damage to your TV instead. I am saying this as an avid driver for many years who has been carrying TVs in many cars.

Largest TV Size Fit for the Honda Accord

Largest TV Size Fit for the Honda Accord

Now that we have established that fitting a 75-inch TV in your Accord is a bad idea, the question remains: what is the largest size you can fit in this car? And the answer to this question is a 65-inch TV, as it perfectly matches the size of the Honda Accord. So, if you are to transport a 65-inch TV from the store to a destination, there is no need to hire a van for it.

Anything above 65 inches is impossible to fit in a Honda Accord.

How Do You Measure the Interior of Your Honda Accord to Check Whether a 65-inch TV Can Fit or Not?

The best way to measure the interior of the Honda Accord for TV measurement is to do it in either inches or mm. As per TVTechInsider, the approximate calculations of a 65-inch TV are around 4933 mm in length, 1849 mm in width, and 1464 mm in height. If we convert it into inches, this makes around 192.2 inches in length and 57.1 inches in height, with the base wheel around 2776 mm, which is a perfect choice for a 65-inch TV.

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Can a Flat-Screen TV Lay Down on the Honda Accord Seat?

No, transporting a TV lying down flat on the Honda Accord seat is never a great idea, as the pressure on the screen can easily damage its plasma, causing more harm than good. Moreover, when you go over bumpy and uneven roads with constant speed breakers, screen damage will be inevitable. So, say a big no to transport TVs in your Accord with the screen laying flat on the seat.

How to Safely Transport a TV in Your Honda Accord: Tips and Tricks to Follow

Even if you know the TV is of the size fit for the Accord, not transporting it safely means inevitable damage. So, here are some safety protocols you need to opt for while carrying a TV in your Honda Accord.

  • Ask a friend or two to help you safely put the TV in a car in a way that it does not get damaged by speed breakers.
  • First, measure the vehicle size and make sure it is suitable for the specific TV size.
  • It is better if you bend the back seat of your Accord.
  • Put the screen in the upright position, and never lay it flat on the seat or in the cargo.
  • Put something in front or on the backside to make sure it is supported during the ride. It is better if you put safety protective foam around the TV.
  • Always add a safety or protective belt around the TV.
  • If you are removing the package of the TV, it is essential to support it with cushions.
  • After you remove the TV from the box, keep all the accessories separately.

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