Best and Worst Years for Honda Ridgeline

The Honda Ridgeline is the most popular compact SUV pickup truck from the company, all thanks to its sophisticated transmission system, advanced powertrain engine, and boxy build. Most drivers are fond of its safety standards and comfortable driving experience on almost all terrains.

Planning to buy the Ridgeline? Before you dive into the investment part, it is important to look into the best and worst years for Honda Ridgeline. It will help you make an informed decision.

Best Years for Honda Ridgeline

Best Years for Honda Ridgeline

Here is a list of all the best years for the Honda Ridgeline, based on its driving experience and safety standards.


If you have a taste for the old-fashioned Honda Ridgeline, 2010 and 2011 would be the best years to invest. They offer a superior riding experience, all thanks to their style, boxy build, and six-speed V6 powertrain engine. Overall, it receives minimal complaints regarding the driving experience or safety.


Though there was nothing unique or innovative in the 2021 model, its good reviews and minimal complaints helped 2012 become one of the good years for the Ridgeline. A lot of it was credited to minor improvements like aerodynamic transmission, engine tweaks, and better fuel economy. According to NHTSA, it had the highest positive driver satisfaction ratings.


After getting a lot of criticism from the 2013 model, Honda introduced its 2014 Ridgeline with a rugged and boxy exterior. It was dent-resistant and had an innovative trunk with a two-way tailgate, making it highly spacious for big families. As per the consumer reports, there were minimal reports regarding the transmission or safety, which was also the reason for its high sales.


Despite the 2022 Honda Ridgeline’s outdated appearance, its riding experience and safety standards make it one of the best years for the vehicle. The highlight of this model was the nin-speed automatic transmission with the ability to cover a 100K mile threshold efficiently, without trimming or automation failure. Similarly, according to drivers, its 8-inch massive touchscreen is incomparable.


The 2021 model of the Honda Ridgeline was the only variant to receive the Editor’s Choice Award from the auto expert car and driver. This year introduced a number of design upgrades, including the boxy appearance, rugged look, and upgraded infotainment system, adding to its aesthetics. Unlike other variants from the generation, it also had an 18-inch alloy wheelset, which made it visually appealing and effective on all terrains.


The newest generation of the Honda Ridgeline is definitely the most loved among drivers, and it is no secret. The fine exterior, spacious seating, modern dashboard, and transmission upgrades done in the 2022 models make it one of the best-selling from the generation. Even better, Honda has not received any major NHTSA complaints for the driving experience, which has also attracted a lot of drivers.


Just like 2022, the 2023 Honda Ridgeline model came up with several exterior and mechanical upgrades, improving its efficiency on the road. For this model, Honda used the V6 engine with a six-speed powertrain, aiding in fuel economy and low power consumption. Moreover, the unique sonic grey pearl paint color further added to its annual sales.

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Worst Years for Honda Ridgeline

Rideline 2006

Now that we have covered the best years let us move towards the worst years for the Ridgeline.


Let us start this list with one of the most problematic years of the Honda Ridgeline, 2006. Much of the negative criticism came from the explosion of airbags, low-quality paint, and failed torque controllers. According to consumer reports, drivers paid thousands of dollars for annual repairs, making it an expensive investment.


Much like 2006, 2007 was also a failure in terms of safety or driving experience. The highlight of this model was the never-ending repairing costs, accredited to the low-quality paints, warped gaskets, cracked windshields, and premature rusting of engine components. Though there were no major mechanical faults, the repair cost was overwhelming for owners.


2008 Honda Ridgeline was undoubtedly the worst year for the vehicle, given that it received the most NHTSA complaints regarding exploding of the popular Takata airbags. This, coupled with a noisy torque controller and transmission failure, resulted in negative feedback from the drivers. Moreover, some minor issues like coat peeling, faulty air conditioner, and warped gasket added to the repairing cost.


2017 marked the introduction of the second generation of Honda Ridgeline in the market. However, it was not welcomed, even by their loyal audience.

This is all because of the security concerns caused by transmission failure, failed fuel injectors, and cap-less fuel filters. Drivers also reported that using it on wet roads caused surging and loud torque controller noises.


Like the previous year, the 2018 Honda Ridgeline received its fair share of criticism from the market. As per the consumer reports, the vehicle had common issues, including a faulty backup camera, excessive loud noises from the torque controller, transmission system faulty warnings, and a cap-less fuel system. It resulted in a lot of accidents and severe injuries, making it a hazard for drivers’ security.


The 2019 Honda Ridgeline was the worst year for the vehicle due to its electronic-related issues. According to drivers, it had a wiring harness issue between the body and the tailgate, resulting in exposed wiring and minor accidents in some cases. Also, the backup camera and touchscreen are completely ineffective, adding to the repair cost for owners.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Honda Ridgeline is a great investment for anyone with a big family and who travels frequently. Its spacious layout, advanced transmission, and sophisticated transmission technology make it a loved vehicle across the board. However, before buying one, it is ideal to evaluate which model is suitable for you.

I hope this guide has been helpful in figuring out which Honda Ridgeline to buy.

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